Shannon Smith

The whole team of this company are extremely helpful. I recently got our utility bill for first month with the solar and we’ve 0 monthly bill now for this month. We are highly satisfied with the services. 

Lessie Moore

They were wonderful to work with.  Their quality of work, professionalism, top notch services, all were first class. I would recommend them to anyone in need. I would give them all 5 stars.

Sherry Tondon

Great job and wonderful people.  We actually were highly impressed by level of professionalism and attention of everybody involved, from our very first call for a quote, to last day of work.  It’s the way any business is actually supposed to be work.

Sal George

This company did a wonderful work for us. These guys were knowledgeable, low pressure, and also kept to their timeline. We did not have cut and dry work. We required a brand new electrical panel along with a new roof prior to the solar was installed even and they assisted us with everything. We love the new panels. The panels are looking classy and really enhance the looks of our roof and house ! We would highly recommend.    

Corey Yak

Had a great experience with this solar installation company. The installation process went very smoothly in a very timely way. We were offered a choice of the solar panels showing cost and quality we would prefer unlike the other solar companies that just gave an estimate for the cheapest type to just get us in. Client service always was superb, my calls, texts & emails were given quick attention always.    

Tommy Hilflinger

Went with this company after meeting with their techs. Always been interested slightly in solar therefore thought I would schedule a quick consultation. Process was smoothly and surprisingly quick for inspection and approval. Top notch, responsive and professional. Highly recommended!!!!

Gaby Gill 

After purchasing our house this spring, we understood that we required to go solar. Communication was on point always, whether through email or phone. Their response time is quite incredible. We are super pleased with our solar system. I would recommend this company highly! 

Debra Simon

This company provided a high quality product at a very affordable rate and installed it extremely fast. I’m highly impressed with this solar company and just after meeting with this company, I am so happy that I selected this company.  They took time to explain everything very thoroughly and they were certainly very competent in answering all my questions.  

Victoria Carter

It was our great pleasure meeting with this company in person.  We are very happy with entire process. These guys are just top-class in customers interaction. Lastly, we’d like to thank this whole crew in their wonderful and professional workmanship. 

Kent Charles

Extremely satisfied with this company. I appreciated skipping high pressure sales tactic which came from the other companies. Also highly appreciated skipping steering towards leases. The system has been flawlessly working since turn up. It has been an extremely pleasant experience. Recommend them highly.