At our company, we provide industry leading and unique short and long term leasing and financing options for all the businesses along with non-profits. 
Our highly experienced professionals will also guide your business to make the best of government incentives and rebates. In a few projects, nearly 60 percent off the costs of solar system..
Essential Facts: 
1) On installation of solar system, you’ll get 30 percent tax credit which immediately will be awarded to you by the government. The tax credit is direct tax credit from your tax bills. 
2) A rebate approximately of 10-20 percent of the solar system’s costs will come right from a joint plan sponsored by both State and your utility provider. 
 3) IRS will let 85 percent of system’s costs to be abstracted and nearly 50 percent of the deduction in very first year, or this can be spread to over five years. The deduction will average nearly 30% of system’s cost. 
 4) Combine the roofing work with installation of solar system from our company and get a 30 percent tax credit on repair related to installation of solar system. It is your turn now to decrease your energy bill, lock in your own utility bills, and also seize energy independence right from your utility service provider by switching to solar with us. Contact us today itself or request free quote.
Why Businesses Are Choosing To Go Solar? We have been helping out businesses of every size gain energy independence via a solar system. Here are some of the advantages business owners as well as property managers enjoy always from their solar systems:

Best Warranty in the Industry

Specializes in the design and installation of hybrid solar systems that blend two or more types of solar technology.

Drastically cut overhead. 
Our solar energy systems are intended to meet your power demands, so you’re using free electricity from your panels rather than paying power. Can you think of the impacts this will actually have on your overheads? 
Protection from increasing energy costs in future. 
As the competitors’ energy cost continue to rise every year, you can now enjoy lower operating prices thanks to your own solar system. 
Rising energy independence while reducing your carbon footprints 
We design every system to meet daily energy needs of your businesses. With our assistance, several of our customers now have zero energy building, meaning they generate more than enough power to offset their power consumption. Installing solar panel also is a general addition for buildings looking for LEED certification. By quickly installing solar panels, now you can add 7 LEED points for your application. 
Generate steady income stream. 
All the public utility companies now are required to buy solar certificates through Solar Renewable Energy Certificate program. Get paid every month for your own SREC credits. We will set up the agreements and broker contract; just enjoy steady stream of your income for next 20 years.